4. User Guide

4.1. Login

To login to Administrator Panel open your web browser and go to:


You will see login screen.


Login screen.

See how-to:

4.2. Logout

To logout from Administrator Panel go to admin menu and click Logout menu.


Logout menu.

4.3. License

To obtain community license or refresh your current license plan go to Administration menu and click License menu.


Licensing page.

4.4. Message Trace

To search through message trace go to Administration menu and click Message Trace menu.


Message Trace page without search results.

4.5. User Profile

To change user profile settings go to admin menu and click Profile menu.


User Profile page.

4.6. About

About page contains information about current MSH Zimbra Rules version.

Go to (?) icon and click About menu.


About page.

4.7. Domain List

Domain list is a list of all domains for which administrator can create rules.


Domains list.

4.8. Rules

Disclaimers are added based on rules. Each rule have conditions and exceptions which must be met to work or not on the specific message. Rules are invoked from top to bottom. If conditions are met then disclaimer is added and stops executing next rules. Rules can be set in any order, sorting is done based on a rule name.

Rule can be added, edited or removed.


Actions on a rule.

4.8.1. Active option

Active option allows activate and deactivate the rule.


Active option.

4.8.2. Rule name

Name of the rule.

Rules are sorted based on the rule name.


Rule name field.

4.8.3. Apply this rule if

Under Apply this rule if section you can find conditions which will match messages which should have added disclaimer.

Available conditions:

  • Everyone in mine organization - messages where the domain of the sender’s email address matches currently selected domain.
  • The sender is - messages that are sent by the specified mail users.
  • The sender is a member of - messages that are sent by a member of the specified group.

Disclaimer will be inserted when:

  • All conditions must met
  • Any condition must met

4.8.4. Text template

The content of the disclaimer.