1. Overview

MSH Zimbra Rules is an email processing system that analyze, modify, block and redirect email messages.

MSH Zimbra Rules handles incoming, outgoing or internal messages as follows:

  1. The mail transfer agent passes a message to MSH Zimbra Rules.
  2. MSH Zimbra Rules applies rules to the message, like add disclaimer, insert signature or block attachments.
  3. Depending on the result of rules, message if modified, redirected, or blocked.
  4. MSH Zimbra Rules pass back the message to the mail transfer agent (if not blocked).

1.1. Components

Application consist of three modules:

  1. Admin Panel - a web-based graphic user interface for managing and configuring application settings.
  2. Message Processor - core application which process messages.
  3. Application Store - data store for all configuration and message trace.

Application integrate with mail transport agent (Postfix MTA) with:

  • Milter Protocol - handling SMTP and non SMTP messages
  • Content Filter - handling processing messages with SMTP transport