3. Getting Started

3.1. Login to Admin Panel

After you successfully install the application on the mail server (check installation guide) you should be able to open admin panel web application.

Open your web browser and go to:


If this is your first login then use default credentials.


Login screen.


Default credentials, user: admin password: admin

3.2. License

First you need to acquire a license, got to Administration > License and click Get license button, after a moment you should have results like in table below.


Licensing page.

If you have more than one domain then do this for each domain separately.


If you will have any problems with acquiring license please contact support at contact@mshsoftware.com

3.3. First Disclaimer

Now it’s time for your first disclaimer, go to Rules > Disclaimer, click Add button and then choose Bottom disclaimer menu option.

Select Active option and put sample rule name, like First Disclaimer Test.

In Apply this rule if section click Add button and choose The sender is menu. In newly opened window start typing your own email address. Searching will start if you put at least 4 characters.


For the first tests a good practice is to use own account (like admin@domain.com) and tests disclaimer on own emails.


Searching mailbox.

Select email address from the list by clicking on it.

In the Disclaimer section put a template text, like below:


My first disclaimer template.

Click Save button to save changes.

3.4. Test the Disclaimer

It’s time to test the disclaimer, use your mail client (it could be a web, mobile or a desktop application), create a new message, in To field put your email address (admin@company.com), next put sample subject like This is a disclaimer test, and some random body.


Composed test email.

Now send the message. After you receive your own message a disclaimer should be appended at the bottom of the email.


Message with appended disclaimer.


Try to reply this message once again, disclaimer will not be added second time.