MSH Zimbra Rules

Zimbra Rules is an email management system for Zimbra.
It's a server side application which will help you create complex rules to centrally manage email flow and to unify the look of your corporate correspondence.

It's based on rules, so you can define as many rules as you want.

Disclaimer and Signatures

Automatically add signatures and disclaimers to all emails sent through Zimbra.

Different signatures for different domains, departments and users.

Convert all email signatures into full HTML no matter what device an email is being sent from.

Manage attachments

Solution designed for automatic processing of message attachments.

Strip, save, remove, compress or even add new files while message is going through the mail server.

Add information to the message that attachments were stripped or blocked.

Auto replies

Centralized control over automated email responses sent through Zimbra.

Personalized auto responses with custom subject, body content, additional message headers and attachments.

Protect against email loops between servers.

LDAP Directory Services

Create conditions based on users, distribution or dynamic groups.

Personalized signatures with auto-completed details from LDAP. Insert into siganture template dynamic fields like user first name, company, job title or phone number.

Multi domain environment

Assign separate domain administrator for specific domain and rules.

Each administrator can operate only on "own" domain and cannot block or modify messages from other domain.

If needed only subset of rules can be granted.

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